"Raising chickens naturally"

​Fresh grass every day.  It's something we live by here.  We are dedicated to providing the best quality, nutrient-dense, pasture-raised chicken and free-range eggs.  

​Our Cornish Cross broilers and our SASSO Naked Necks are all moved daily.  Mobile chicken tractors protect them from the harsh sun, keep them dry in the rain, and protect them from predators to ensure they are safe, but always have access to grass and bugs.  We believe all of our chickens deserve a happy life, regardless of their ultimate purpose.  

​When the time comes to process, everything is handled on-farm by our family.  Each bird is personally handled with care and treated humanely.  

​Our laying flock spends nights safe in their coop, but their days in large runs or free-ranging our property.  The runs are fenced, but open, so many of our girls simply fly out each morning and return to lay eggs and turn in for the night.

Rich flavor, juicy, tender, heritage chicken

SASSO Naked Necks are a heritage breed chicken derived from the French Label Rouge genetics.  Their rich flavor and firmer texture are hallmarks of slower-grown, well-raised, heritage breeds, yet they remain juicy and tender in any preparation.  ​