Day old chicks start in our large enclosed brooder and are moved to tractors on pasture at around 3 weeks old for broilers and 5-6 weeks for layers.  The tractors provide protection for the young birds and allow them access to the grass and bugs.  These tractors are moved to fresh ground daily.  Cornish broilers are processed around 8 weeks and the SASSO Naked Necks are processed around 11 weeks.  

Layers are moved, in their tractor, to one of the fenced runs at around 3 months old.  The girls are able to roam the run all day and are closed in the tractor at night.  Once they begin laying, they are integrated with the rest of the laying flock.  


For the laying flock, the coop doors open every morning around 7:30 and they spend their days enjoying the Florida sunshine.  While they have large fenced runs, they often fly the coop and free-range the property.  Summer around here means lazing the in shade, frozen treats, and wading pools.


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